Our Purpose

The primary aim of the Development in Neurogenetic Disorders (DND) Lab is to gain better understanding of early development in infants and young children with neurogenetic disorders in order to promote positive development and well-being in these children and their families.


8 smiling women students posing together

Top row, from left: Laura Hahn, Cindy Secarus, Caitlyn Boni, Mikayla Pollard
Bottom row, from left: Mindy Eng, Caitlin Miller, Tara Kolmodin, Jessie Spera


New Foundation Funded Study

The DND lab has received a grant from the LuMind Research Down Syndrome Foundation for UIUC to become a new site that is part of a national network of researchers focusing on Down syndrome. The project’s goal is to determine what factors play a role in the learning and problem solving process in individuals with Down syndrome. It is our hope that this information will lead to the development of improved treatments to enhance learning in this population. Collaborators include the Intellectual Disabilities Communication Lab led by Dr. Laura Hahn here at UIUC, Dr. Stephanie Sherman at Emory University, and investigators at Kennedy Krieger Institute, University of Wisconsin-Madison Waisman Center, and Children’s National Medical Center.