Chloe Walner

SHS Undergraduate Student Chloe is an undergraduate student studying Speech & Hearing Science. She is also getting a dual degree in Psychology with an intended concentration of Behavioral Neuroscience. Chloe is interested in working with children in a hospital or outpatient setting. She plans to attend graduate school to get her master’s degree in Speech-Language […]

Elise Lavaty

SHS Undergraduate Student Elise is an undergraduate student majoring in Speech and Hearing Science with a minor in Spanish. She has worked with children in a variety of environments and is currently interested in working with children with intellectual disabilities. In the future, Elise plans to pursue a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and work […]

Mac Dooley

SHS Undergraduate Student Mac is an undergraduate student in the Speech and Hearing Sciences program. They’re interested in working with children due to their experiences at a summer camp in their hometown. Mac plans on continuing their education to obtain a Master’s degree. After that, they hope to work as an SLP in a school […]